SASI - Shopify App Store Index

Keep an eye on the movers and shakers in the Shopify App Marketplace

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  1. What does it do?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Features
  4. Roadmap

What does it do?

SASI is a FREE tool(website) that tracks the position of Apps in the Shopify App store over time to provide a visual indication as to whether Shopify apps are rising in popularity or slowly ebbing away.

We initially put SASI together to try and understand how our own apps were performing in the app store and how this related to the growth of each app. We showed SASI to our App developer associates and they validated our assumptions that with a few additional features, other Shopify Partners/Professionals in the Shopify community may SASI useful too.

Disclaimer: We have not reverse engineered the Shopify App Store to retrieve this data!

How does it work?

We scrape the Shopify App Marketplace regularly from a server in London. We then extrapolate that data into our own database which in turn updates the data in the SASI tool.

We appreciate that App positions depend on a number of different variables, e.g. whether you're logged in to a Shopify store as a Merchant, or the location of the device you are viewing from. We will try and address some of these variables in the near future.


Currently the SASI tool is able to:

  • Provide an overall view of the Top Movers (up/down) across all categories
  • Track the position of each app in the Shopify App Marketplace
  • Display apps by category in hierarchical order
  • Display a landing page for each app that charts the following over time:
    • Position - The position of the app within its category
    • Reviews - The number of reviews attained
    • Ratings - The star rating of the app
  • Provide email notifications when apps you follow either receive a review or change their position in the app store


So we're aware that SASI is very basic, but, with the following features, we hope we turn SASI into a very useful tool:

  • Filter the view by Paid/Unpaid apps
  • Filter the view by apps that are partner friendly
  • New Releases - Receive notifications of recently launched apps
  • Curated Apps Page - Sign-up to create a curated apps page that you can share with your team or customers.