About Us

Union Works was founded in 2016 by 3 Shopify experts. We combine our development and eCommerce experience to deliver smart and robust apps and integrations to the Shopify platform.

Our sole focus is to enable Merchants to grow with Shopify through smart, innovative apps and integrations.

Sam Henning

Customer Success and Support

Sam has been setting up and delivering solutions for hundreds of merchants on the Shopify platform since 2015. Having been both a Shopify expert and a Shopify Merchant Sam has a unique perspective on Merchant's needs and an understanding of how apps and integrations can help Merchants to automate the more repetitive and mundane tasks involved in running their online store.

Alex Dover

App Specialist and Developer

Alex is our developer founder and has been working on the Shopify platform since 2017 having spent many years working for agencies building web apps. With a business brain to match his technical abilities, Alex's solid coding practises allow us to deliver robust, scalable and often complex Shopify Apps and Integrations that are well thought out and ultimately valuable to Shopify Merchants.

Steve Jones

Product Person

Steve has been building and running successful Shopify Apps since 2011. Focusing on app support and app integration and feature development, Steve's understanding of Merchant's needs helps to inform the product roadmap and development schedule for each of our apps.