Upon installing the app presents a dashboard giving you a very top level overview of the number of customers you have amongst other basic pieces of information. 

We have created a wide variety of pre-set rules for you to work with, they are all very simple to setup which is explained a bit further down this setup process. To create a rule simply, select one of our pre-set rules and fill in the boxes and submit the rule.

The rule will appear under 'Existing Rules'. When new orders come in our app will check the properties of that order and if there's a match it will apply the tag to the customer. The rule will only run if the order is marked as paid and not archived.  

  1. Preset tagging rules
  2. Back dating rules

Preset tagging rules

  • Tag by product - tagging customers based on the products they buy is best used for subscriptions. You can tag a customer with 'Member' and then provide access to restricted areas of the site to those with the tag.
  • Tag by collection - tagging customer based on the collections they buy from allows you to segment customers into groups. For example those who only buy from sale collections are highly likely to respond well and convert to emails about discounted products.
  • Tag by spend - Tag customers based on either how much they spend in a particular order or their total lifetime spend. Highlight your most loyal customers and reward them for being big spenders.
  • Tag by volume - Tag customers based on the number of times they have purchased something on the site.
  • Tag by abandoned cart - Tag customers to attempt to buy something on your store and decide against. Tagging them allows you to highlight the 'hot leads' and aim to bring them back to the store and convert.
  • Tag customer accounts - Automatically tag a customer when they open an account on your store. This can be used to reward customers with a discount code for signing up. You can assign a discount code to a group of customers tagged with something specific.
  • Tag by discount code - Tag all the customers who use specific discount codes, this can then be used to analyse sales patterns and what customers respond well to sales.
  • Tag by email - Tag customers who order from the same organisation, highlight customers who might be buying on behalf of their company by checking their email domain.
  • Tag by product tag - Tag customers based on the product tags of the product they buy. For example you might have tagged all your products by size meaning you can quickly identify customers clothing sizes and promote specific SKU's to them in future marketing.
  • Tag by POS Location - Tag your customers based on the POS location they order from. This will enable you to group your customers based on the store they prefer to shop at, allowing you to create location based promotions and marketing. 

Back dating rules

If you would like to back date your rules, please contact us and we can schedule a task to run through your store and apply your tagging rules to past customers.

Please note that back dating your rules can take up to 24 hours depending on the number of customers and orders in your store.