Our Services

How can we help Shopify merchants?

We specialise in building Shopify apps. We build apps for ourselves, for merchants and for 3rd party services. Our apps automate manual and often tedious tasks that take Shopify Merchants away from the more important aspects of running their business, like marketing or scaling their business.

We do this in a number of ways

What kind of Merchants do we typically work with?

  • Those replatforming to Shopify who require integration with a legacy system
  • Merchants looking to scale their business through automation
  • Merchants who require bespoke business logic through private app development
  • Merchants using the ReCharge app who require additional business specific functionality

How can we help subscription stores?

autoMate is a powerful engine which uses ReCharge API to build custom business rules for your Shopify store. We can enhance the features or functions of ReCharge to suit your business needs. A few examples are:

  • SKU Swapping - following a schedule of products and rotating them each month so a customer receives a new SKU each month
  • Order Sequence numbers - attaching a note against each order so you know how many boxes a customer has had
  • Specific shipping dates - grouping and automatically updating shipping dates to suit your fulfilment process
  • Managing charge dates - automatically moving charge dates to suit accountancy processes.
  • Custom discounts and rewards - automatically discounting a subscription or adding free one time products to subscriptions based on a criteria

What does a project typically cost?

We also help services to integrate with the Shopify platform

We often work with Software companies looking to provide either a Public or Private Shopify App to offer their services to Shopify Merchants. These range from Analytics and Recommendations services to Warehousing, Shipping and Fulfilment services.

What does a project typically cost?

Finally, we also