New vs. Returning Customer Surveys

New vs. Returning Customer Surveys

Gaining insights from returning customers is equally as important as learning how new customers found your store. Improve essential areas of your business with an alternative survey for your returning customers!

Gaining additional insight from your returning customers can help you to improve essential areas of your business. Some areas you may want to gather feedback on are:

  • Your shipping process: Was it outstanding or does it need some work?
  • Product design: Does it fall below, meet or exceed expectations? What can we improve on?
  • Store user experience: Were you able to find what you needed? Was it a good experience?
  • Support processes: Did you need to make a return, how was it? Did we help you with any queries about your order? Were our support team efficient?

Running and growing a successful Ecommerce store can often be overwhelming, especially if you don't know where to focus your efforts. By asking returning customers if there is anything that you can improve on, you'll start to see a pattern emerge that will inform where to focus your efforts. The improvements you make as a result may not bring in new customers, but it should certainly help to increase the number of customers who return to place subsequent orders with your store and we all know how important customer lifetime value is to the health of our business.

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