Exciting News: Multi-Question Surveys Now Live on Grapevine! 🌟

Exciting News: Multi-Question Surveys Now Live on Grapevine! 🌟

Unleashing Deeper Insights

We have been hard at work over the past six months, reconstructing the survey editor to be more robust and versatile than ever before. We're genuinely proud of the result, and we're eager for you to dive into the expanded capabilities it brings. Your insights and feedback have been instrumental in shaping this feature, so please continue sharing your thoughts with us.

Why Multi-Question Surveys?

These surveys usher in a new era of insights, allowing you to tailor your strategies based on a nuanced understanding of your customers. Whether it's refining product offerings, optimizing the user experience, or enhancing customer satisfaction, asking multiple questions at different touch points creates so much potential.

Getting Started with Multi-Question Surveys

Example Multi-Question Surveys to Gain Deeper Insights

Product Feedback Survey:
1- What motivated your recent product purchase?
2- Do you find the information on the product page to be accurate and helpful?
3- Suggestions for product improvement?

Shopping Experience Survey:
1- How did you hear about us?
2- What did you like about your shopping experience with us?
3- Suggestions for enhancing your future shopping experiences with us?

Customer Preferences and Demographics:
1- What were the factors influencing your purchasing decisions the most?
2- Whats your favourite product range of ours?
3- What do you like about that product range?

Your Ongoing Support Matters
We deeply appreciate your continued support, and we're excited to hear about your experiences with Grapevine. Just like you, we're constantly looking to get insights from our customers (you) to continue to shape Grapevine, and together, we're set to take your customer engagement to new heights.

Find out how to setup a multi-question survey