Grapevine Customer Experience Surveys

Grapevine Customer Experience Surveys

We believe that every touch-point of a customer experience is an opportunity to gather insights and make improvements. Grapevine allows you to capture that information, analyse it and take action.

Results can be linked to customers within Shopify so you can not only see what customers are saying but also who is saying it. 

What is a customer experience survey touch-point?

A Shopify survey touch-point is a specific interaction or point of contact with customers where they are invited to provide feedback or respond to a survey. It is a targeted approach to collect information, opinions, or data from customers regarding their shopping experience, satisfaction levels, product preferences, and much more.

Survey touch-points can be strategically placed throughout the customer experience to capture feedback at different stages of the buying cycle.

Examples of customer experience survey touch-points

Post-Purchase Surveys

Capture survey responses on the order status page, after a customer places an order. Gather marketing attribution data by asking new customers, how they heard about you.

Customer Support Surveys

After interacting with customer support, customers may be asked to provide feedback on their experience. This helps you assess the quality of your support services and make necessary improvements.

Shipping Satisfaction Surveys

Often sent via email, these requests ask customers for feedback on the delivery timings and unboxing experience of your product. This can help you understand the performance and reliability of your couriers, as well as the quality of your packaging by the time it arrives to your customers. 

Cart Abandonment Surveys

When a customer adds items to their cart but fails to complete the purchase, a survey can be triggered to understand the reasons behind abandonment. This helps you identify and address any barriers to conversion and hopefully bring that abandon rate down.

Overall Satisfaction Surveys

Periodically, you may send surveys to your customers to gauge overall satisfaction levels, brand perception, or to gather suggestions for improvement. These standalone page surveys can provide a holistic view of customer sentiment and identify areas for enhancement.

By strategically placing survey touch-points, you can gather valuable feedback, understand customer preferences, and make data-driven decisions to enhance their products, services, and overall customer experience.