Create rules that automatically assign tags to your orders. An essential app for store owners that rely on order tags in their fulfilment process.

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  1. Why do I need Order Tagger
  2. What does Order Tagger do?

Why do I need Order Tagger

For Merchants that need to organise and streamline their orders page within the Shopify Admin area, this app is a true lifesaver!

From Teams responsible for fulfilling different types of orders, to Merchants that need to separate out orders for Taxation or Shipping purposes, Order Tagger is a handy and flexible solution that makes organising orders so much easier!

You can filter your orders by Tags and save those applied filters as searches, which provides a simple way to segment your orders.

What does Order Tagger do?

Once you've defined a set of tagging rules within Order Tagger, each new order placed in your store will then be analysed against each of your tagging rules. If the order matches any of the rule conditions, that order will be tagged.