Delight your Customers and show them you care by sending them a Happy Birthday email with an automated discount on their special day.

Key Info

Price from $10 to $40 / month
Free Trial 7 Days
Works on Dev Stores Yes
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  1. Why send a birthday email?
  2. What does the app do?
  3. Features

Why send a birthday email?

It's been proven that birthday marketing campaigns generate one of the highest conversion rates of all email campaign types. Experian analysed the results of multiple birthday email campaigns across all sectors and found the following:

  • 481% higher transaction rates than promotional emails
  • 342% higher revenue per email than promotional emails
  • 179% higher unique click rates than promotional emails

What does the app do?

When a customer successfully makes a purchase on your store, they will then be asked if they would like to provide their date of birth. Customers that provide their date of birth will then be sent an email on their Birthday containing a discount code or promotion.


  • Customise the background, text and button colours of your email template
  • Add a logo to your email template
  • A fully customisable Birthday message
  • Offset how many days before a customers birthday the email should be sent
  • Set discount codes to be auto created at the time of sending the message. Control the prefix, value and the expiry date of the code
  • Email Performance stats - See how many emails have been sent/opened/clicked, how many birthdays have been captured and how many customers have used their discount code.
  • Import birthdates from your own lists using the CSV import tool
  • Export your customer birthday data from the app ready for import it into another email service provider (e.g. Mailchimp, Klaviyo etc)
  • A Birthday Email Capture page is available on your own site - Create a mailshot or just link to this dedicated page in your store to capture Birthdates from previous and prospective customers.
  • The app is now available for Shopify POS! Merchants using Shopify POS can now capture the DOB of customers at the point of checkout. The data is then sent straight into the app ready for sending.