A simple little app that allows Merchants to deliver a customisable "Where did you hear about us?" question to Customers on the Shopify Order Status page.

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  1. What does it do?
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What does it do?

A common question asked by consumer facing businesses, is "How did you hear about us?".

Grapevine allows the Merchant to create a list of possible options that the customer can choose from. The Merchant can then word the question accordingly and the app then takes care of displaying the question on the Shopify Order Status page, which is the page that Customers are presented with upon placing an order.

If used correctly, the answers to this simple question can provide crucial insight into the best performing  channels. Decision makers are then better informed about where they should be allocating further marketing spend.


  • A simple, customisable "Where did you hear about us" question with customisable options
  • Simple set-up, no coding required, just install, add your options and the question will automatically appear on the Order Status page.
  • A clear dashboard with response stats