There’s a few steps and processes to go through when setting up this app so we will be on hand to help you every single step of the way. We will also be here to answer any questions and ensure you are happy with the user journey before we push the app live on your store.

Once you have installed the app we will request access to your Shopify store. This will allow us to go through the setup steps listed below.

  1. Adding the Widget
  2. Amending the checkout code
  3. Adjusting the Settings of the store
  4. Shipping Method
  5. App Settings

Adding the Widget

We provide all the code in the app to install the widget yourself, equally we provide the option for auto inject into a theme of your choice. However, if you prefer us to install the widget then this is what we will do:

We will begin by duplicating your live theme and adding the cart widget to your site. We will follow the same styles, fonts and layouts as your store. Once complete we will also send you a preview you link so you can see what it will look like.

If you use an slide out cart, the widget will work in the form of a pop up. If you use a standard cart we will place it just above the checkout button.

Amending the checkout code

We need to add a small piece of code into your checkout. This ensures that if a customer selects a delivery address of a Collectplus Store, they only select a Collectplus shipping method. We also place the logo of the shipping method into that page too and prevent the user from changing the that store address.

This code is placed in the box Shopify provides the GA tracking codes. It will not affect any code that’s already in that box. 

If you would like to do this yourself the code can be found here:

var script_tag=document.createElement(“script”);script_tag.type=“text/javascript”,script_tag.src=““,document.body.appendChild(script_tag);


Adjusting the Settings of the store

We will need to enable the company field in the checkout so we can use that as store name that’s selected. It will be an optional field which can be ignored by those not using CollectPlus.

We will also switch the setting that ensures the billing address is not, by default, the same as the shipping address. This means that customers who use collectplus will enter a different billing address to the store shipping address.

For those using other shipping methods they can select ‘shipping address is same as billing address’

Shipping Method

Once this is done we will create a new shipping method called CollectPlus and set the price of shipping. You can define the cost of delivery to the end user. CollectPlus charge £4.99 per label printed so we usually suggest setting it to at least £4.99.

You can also rename the Shipping Method as long as it starts with ‘CollectPlus’

App Settings

Finally once the above steps are complete, we will ask some questions around the settings you would like to use, any amends to the widget and activate the app using your Google Maps API key (Click here to begin the process of generating an API Key).

Google API keys are free to up to 25,000 map views per day. If your store exceeds this, you will need to pay for the Google API subscription.