If you cannot find the answer to your question below, feel free to get in touch with support and we can help you from there. 

  • How does the installation process work?

    When you install the app we will contact you to help with the installation. We will need to edit the checkout and cart code on your store. We will do this on a development theme which you can test and preview before deploying.

  • How do I generate my Google Maps API key?

    You can follow this link to generate an API key. You can login to your Gmail account if you have one. If not you will need to create one then generate your key. You can then add that key into the settings box provided.

  • Are Google API Keys free?

    A Google API Key is free to anyone who want's to use them, up to 25,000 views per day. If your map exceeds this amount Google will charge you. This is why they request you to setup an account and billing card when going through the steps of generating a Google API key.

  • Can I define the min order value which qualifies for a CollectPlus delivery?

    Yes, you can set this in the settings if you prefer to only offer a Collectplus service to orders over a certain amount.

  • When will customers receive an shipping confirmation email?

    For those who buy a Collectplus delivery the shipping confirmation email will go out when you print the label

  • Can i set the rate I charge for the shipping?

    Yes, we will create a shipping method for you called Collectplus and you can charge whatever you like for that label. CollectPlus will charge you £4.99 per label.

  • Can the widget be styled to my website?

    Yes, we will help every single store get setup with the widget. We will copy the styles and fonts/colours of your store and ensure the widget sits nicely within your checkout.

    You will be able to test and sign off the widget before it goes live.

  • Where do I see all my orders?

    When you go to the app, you can click on the orders tab which will display a list of all the orders which have been placed with a Collectplus Shipping method.

    You will be able to print labels and purchase the labels from here.

  • What do I do when I see an error message in the orders page?

    If you go to that particular order and ‘view order’ you will see what the error is. The most likely error will be that the customer has not entered a mobile number with the correct format e.g. they have included ‘+44’ or have not got enough numbers.

    You can go to the order and update the number to ‘tidy it up’ this will mean when the order has been shipped the customer can get a text. Alternatively you can just ignore and text will not get sent. The email will still send.

  • What payment gateway is used in the app for labels?

    We use Stripe payment gateway and accept all major credit and debit cards

  • Can I pay for labels in batches?

    Yes, you can simply select all the orders you would like to print labels for and click ‘Purchase labels for selected orders’

  • What happens if I fulfil in Shopify without buying label?

    If you mark a CollectPlus order as fulfilled in Shopify the standard Shopify shipping notification will be sent out to the customer. This will not contain the tracking number as the tracking number is only generated when you print the label

  • How can I identify the orders which have used a CollectPlus Shipping method?

    We tag all the orders with ‘CollectPlus Order’, so you can easily search and filter out those orders which have a CollectPlus shipping method