This app should involve minimal setup as everything is built to spec and therefore will achieve your exact requirements as soon as it's installed on your store. However, there's a few basic steps which will need to be completed in order to get everything running

Generating your ReCharge Access Token

You will need to contact ReCharge support to access to API tokens. Once they approve this, you will be able to go into 'Integrations' and see a link on the right hand side to 'API access token'. If you click this you will be able to generate a token. 

This token is then entered into the app to pair the autoMate for ReCharge app with your Shopify store and ReCharge account

Installing the app

We will send you a link to install the app, you will need to fill out your Shopify URL. Once you press install, you will be asked to accept the scopes and the charge of $30 per month.

The app is an unlisted app, which means it's not available on the Shopify app store. Therefore you will see a message in yellow, when installing which confirms this. It's nothing to worry about and we fully support and maintain the app whilst you have it installed on your store.

Please see our app terms for more information on our data policies