Case Studies

autoMate for ReCharge is used to solve merchants pain points with their subscription business. The app uses ReCharge payments API to create automations based on actions, to control delivery dates, manage fulfilment processes and much more.

The engine behind the app allows us to quickly build custom rules, functions and features on your Shopify store to help solve problems, remove manual intervention and enable growth of your subscription business.

Each project is unique and has been completed to specification of the merchants requirements. Take a look at what we've done in the past and let us know how we can help you!

SKU Swapping for ReCharge Shopify App

autoMate can control the SKU a customer receives on their ReCharge subscription based on a rolling monthly schedule.

If a Shopify merchant sell a subscription box, using ReCharge Shopify app, and they send a different SKU every month, then autoMate SKU swapper will automate this process.

autoMate allows a merchant to define a list of SKU codes that a customer will receive during a subscription. Then the app will continuously update the queued product in someones subscription, so they never receive the same SKU twice.

How Does ReCharge SKU Swapping Work?

When a customer signs up to a subscription on a Shopify store, autoMate will communicate with ReCharge API to automatically update the next queued product in the customers subscription.

For example, a merchant might send out a new box for every month of the year. If a customer orders in January, autoMate will update the next queued product in the subscription to the February product.

Once the subscription renews in February, autoMate will go back to the subscription and update the next to the March product and so on...

Here's how a SKU Schedule looks in autoMate:


SKU Swapping means the warehouse will always send out the correct SKU based on the month of the subscription, removing any manual processes or workarounds.

Below is an example order demonstrating how SKU Swapping works:

Customer orders the trigger product on the website:


autoMate is then notified that a trigger product has been ordered, which prompts the app to look at the schedule to see what the next month's order should contain.


As this order was placed in June, autoMate must change the product in the schedule to match the product in July.


As you can see the original order was for the 'Trigger Product' (look in the history section), but now the subscription has been updated to the July Product, ready for the subscription to be renewed next month.


This will keep happening each time a subscription order is processed.

The Sku Swapper can work with multiple schedules, therefore you can include multiple trigger products on the site, each with their own schedule. autoMate will also work with rolling and pre-paid subscriptions.

ReCharge Order Sequence Numbers

Our app manages the order sequence numbers for ReCharge orders, allowing you to see what number the order is in a recurring subscription.


The app will attach an order note to the Shopify order to allow you to quickly identify how many orders that customer has had.

The OS number is constantly updated each time a new order is placed within a customer subscription. As well as seeing it on the Shopify order page, you will also see this on the CSV order export.

You can also manually edit the OS number of a particular customer, by going to ReCharge customers within the ReCharge app. You can open the Additional Settings & Info box, which is within the customer information area. Here you can change the OS number and our app will continue to increment it by one for subsequent orders.


To enable this functionality, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We will then help you to get setup with the automation.


Click Funnels ReCharge Integration

This merchant sells membership subscriptions via Click Funnels, using 2Checkout payment gateway. The merchant will take payment through 2Checkout payment gateway and manually add the customer details to ReCharge to enroll them on the subscription. While this method is extremely simple for the customer, it was taking up a huge amount of time for the merchant, constantly creating new subscriptions.

2Checkout uses Stripe, meaning we were able to connect the ReCharge and Stripe API's and automatically grab the customers Stripe token and details, then added them directly to the subscription through the ReCharge API.

The interface within the app, allows the merchant to create more rules of the same for different trigger products, so when the trigger product is purchased, the customer is automatically added to the specified subscription.


For example if a customer purchases 'product A' automatically add them to a defined subscription.


This automation will only work with payment gateways which have an API and allow us to grab the access token for the customer, which enables us to auto enrol their debit card to the subscription.