Using Shopify Order Tags to Manage Sam Day Deliveries

Using Shopify Order Tags to Manage Sam Day Deliveries

Offering same day delivery is a great way to incentivise customers to convert! However, this shipping method comes with it's own order management headaches as the fulfilment process has to be very smooth in order for it to be successful.

The first step is to identify all the orders where the customer has requested same day delivery. These are the highest priority orders and need to be fulfilled before any others, otherwise customers will not receive their purchase on time, leaving them very frustrated.

In this article we will explain how to set this fulfilment flow up and ensure the above doesn't happen.

Apps you will need:
Order Tagger

Filtering orders on Shopify

The first step is organising your Shopify Orders view to allow you to quickly filter and view all the orders which have to be fulfilled the same day.

Go to Orders and click on the link 'More Filters' which can be found along the top of the search bar.

A menu will appear and you can click on the option 'Tagged with'. Enter the name of the tag you would like to use to identify those same day deliveries, for this example we will use 'Same Day Delivery'

When you have done that, you can scroll to the bottom and click 'done'. Now you are viewing a filtered view of your Shopify Orders, (all those tagged with 'Same Day Delivery'). As we're just setting this up, it will be empty.

The final step is to save this filter, so it appears as a tab along the top of your orders page. Simply click 'Save filters' and give the filter a name. We will use 'Same Day Delivery'.

Create the Same Day Delivery Shipping Method in Shopify

I'm sure you are already familiar with this step, so we won't go into detail. Go to Shopify Settings > Shipping > Add your new Same Day Delivery shipping method into your selected Shipping Zones, along with the price and any minimum requirements that need to be met in order to qualify for that shipping method.

Using Order Tagger to tag all orders that are due for same day delivery

To create this automation in Order Tagger we will use the 'Tag orders based on the Shipping Method' rule.

Navigate to the rule above and click 'Create Rule'.

The next steps will depend on the way you have setup your shipping methods.

Shopify standard Shipping Method
If you are using Shopify standard shipping methods then follow these instructions:

Under global tagging rules, select the option 'Apply a custom tag when specific Shipping Methods are used'. This will hide a lot of the other options and allow you to define your tag and pick the shipping method from a dropdown.

As you can see from the screenshot above, we've set the rule to tag the order with 'Same Day Delivery' when a customers orders using the Same Day Delivery shipping method.

Scroll to the bottom and click 'create rule.

Carrier calculated Shipping methods

If you are using carrier calculated shipping methods or bespoke shipping methods, then you would need to use a different setting within Order Tagger.

Select the option 'Tag the order based on the title of the Shipping method', this will present empty text boxes.

as you can see above, we have added the same tag as the previous step. However, the difference is the condition is set to 'Contains' and we look for the words 'Same Day Delivery' within the shipping method name.

This is because Shopify will generate a Shipping method dynamically when a customer hits the checkout, as the price varies depending on shipping location and courier selected. Order Tagger will look out a phrase which matches that within the Shipping Method and then if there's a match, it will apply the order tag.

That's it! Now you can place a test order or wait for the next time a customer orders and if it qualifies Order Tagger will automatically tag the order with Same Day Delivery, checkout our test order below: