Use autoMate as a frontend API to enhance the customer account area ex

Use autoMate as a frontend API to enhance the customer account area experience

autoMate doesn't have to just power behind the scenes logic. It can also be used to push and pull information from the ReCharge account area using Java Script.

In this example we explain how a merchant is using autoMate to pull line custom properties about each product into the account area screen.

Business Case

The merchant sells beers on subscription and allows customers to collect beers when they want to drink them. This means that a customer might have multiple crates of beer still with the merchant even though they've previously paid for them. This means every single beer needs a order status to ensure that inventory post purchase is always tracked and up to date.

When a customer comes into the store to collect some beers, the merchant can use autoMate to update the status of those line items. Then next time when that customer comes back into the store the merchant can look up what that customer has left in store. 

Custom Interface 

Within autoMate the merchant can look up a customer email address to display all their orders. Then within each order they can view the status of every single beer they've ever bought. 

If a customer collects a beer, the merchant can update the status within the interface. 

Custom API

The next issue we needed to solve was to give the end customer visibility of all the beers they have in stock and therefore available to collect, as well as history of beers they had and have already collected.

We built an API which allowed the merchant to read the status of each beer within a customer account and call that status to display into the frontend of the customer account area. 

This is a very unique business case but it demonstrates the power of autoMate and the possibilities of using it as a frontend API to enhance the customer experience and make the customer portal more bespoke.

Check out some sample API calls that are being used: