Surface Birthday discounts at POS checkout

Surface Birthday discounts at POS checkout

If you obsess over the customer experience and are using Shopify POS in your retail space, then our Happy Birthday app has a great new feature to enhance the Customer experience and help to build loyalty. Shopify recently announced a new POS cart app extension for Loyalty and Promotions and we were lucky enough to be invited to test and provide input to this great new feature.

What is it?

In short, here is how we have implemented the new loyalty and promotions POS cart extension:

  1. A Sales Assistant will either select or enters a Customer's email address during checkout
  2. The Happy Birthday app will automatically check to see if that Customer has a valid, usable Birthday discount.
  3. If there is a valid discount, it will be presented within the checkout screen
  4. The Sales Assistant can apply the discount immediatley.

There's no need to navigate away from the checkout, the entire process is fast and easy.

Why we like this feature

This feature has the potential to really make a Customer's day and build on the importance that you place on the customer experience. A Customer may have forgotten to use their discount code online, or, they may have misplaced their Birthday Email containing their discount code, so you now have the opportunity to remind and delight them at the counter and even start a conversation, if that's your thing.

For your peace of mind, we've built in checks to ensure that discount codes auto-generated by our app can not be used more than once... so if a Customer has already used their unique auto-generated birthday discount code, then it won't be visible within the POS checkout to use again.

How will the discount appear in the checkout?

After enabling the feature, you will see a card that says "By Happy Birthday Email App" on the right hand side of the POS checkout screen:

When you select a Customer that has a valid Birthday discount, you will see the discount information in the same card as was mentioned previously on the right hand side:

When you select the available birthday discount to be applied to the order, you will see that the order summary has updated to reflect that the discount has been applied:

Please Note!

This feature will only work if you are offering a simple "Percentage Off" Birthday discount

That means:

  • No minimum spend
  • No specific collections or products are required to qualify for the discount

If you have a more complex birthday discount configured, then please let us know and we will see if we can set-up a simple discount for your in-store POS usage only.

How do I enable this feature?

Set-up Time: Less than 1 minute - no technical knowledge required


This feature is available to all Happy Birthday Merchants and is very simple to enable.

  1. The integration is now enabled, however, there is one final thing you'll need to do. You now need to add the birthday field into your existing Privy popup form:
  2. You will then see a setting underneath for the POS Discounts feature. Please enable it.

  3. Don't forget to hit Save!

Give it a shot!

We’re excited to announce this new feature. If you're looking to offer your Customers a better in-store experience, the ability to apply birthday discounts automatically at point of sale will go a long way to building better and deeper relationships.

Please do let us know if you have any questions about this feature or if you need any help with your set-up.