Shopify POS Hardware

Shopify POS Hardware

So you've signed up for Shopify POS, you've got the app on your iPad and you've started assigning barcodes to your products. What next?'re going to need some advice on buying your Shopify POS kit.

We're no experts in this field and probably couldn't tell a wireless thermal printer from a doorstop, but, luckily, we know someone who is (an expert that is...not a doorstop!). Charles at Pos-Hardware has been providing our Shopify Clients with Shopify POS kit for over 5 years and we've always received glowing feedback about his personable service and good advice.

Charles likes to understand a client's needs before recommending the perfect set-up and is happy to advise on the pros and cons of the various set-ups available with Shopify POS.

Charles ships systems all over the world at very competitive prices. He even uses Shopify for his storefront and has kindly provided us with a Buy Button feed for you to see his curated Shopify Collection below.