Sending Birthday Emails from Klaviyo

Sending Birthday Emails from Klaviyo

Watch our tutorial on setting up the Klaviyo integration and using the Discount Page in your Birthday email campaign! 

How does it work?

You can connect your Klaviyo account to the Happy Birthday email app which enables a live feed of birthdays being sent straight from the app to your Klaviyo account.

Once you have enabled the integration, every customer who leaves their details will be sent straight to Klaviyo. The date of birth can be found within the profile of the customer under 'Information' 


If the customer already exists in Klaviyo then the profile will simply be updated when they leave their date of birth.

Sending Birthday emails from Klaviyo

When enabling the integration you can choose whether you would like to treat it as simply a data feed to update customer profiles or also send the birthday trigger from Klaviyo as well. 

Collecting birthdays against customer profiles

To create a birthday email flow in Klaviyo, you need to use the custom properties within the profile as explained above. 

You can export all of your data from the Happy Birthday app and upload it as a CSV file into Klaviyo. To do this you will need to follow the following steps:

1) Export all the birthdays from the Shopify app into a CSV file.

2) You will just need two columns 'Email' and 'Birthday', you can remove the rest.

3) You must ensure the birthdays are formatted as 'MM/DD/YYYY or 'YYYY-MM-DD'.

4) Once uploaded you can delete the list as the birthday will have been saved against the customer profile within Klaviyo.

Creating a Birthday email flow

You firstly need to create a new segment in Klaviyo which is equal to: 

Properties about someone > Birthday > Date is today

Once you have the segment you will be able to create the new flow. This flow should be triggered by added to segment, with the segment being 'birthday is today'


It is recommended adding at least one email to the flow and scheduling the first email to be sent straight away. This is how the flow will work:

- Your 'Birthday is today' segment will populate daily with all the contacts who have that day as their birthday

- When your segment updates each day, those who's birthday matches will be immediately queued for delivery. 

You can also introduce a follow up email to those customers who might not have redeemed their discount code. 

Please note if you would like to send an email X days before their birthday you will need to ensure the birthdate includes the year. 

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