Send Birthday Texts on Shopify with our SMSBump Integration

Send Birthday Texts on Shopify with our SMSBump Integration

You can now send texts your customers on their birthday using SMSBump! Happy Birthday Email Shopify app has partnered up with SMSBump to allow our merchants the option of delivering a birthday message via SMS!

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Why send as an SMS?


 Step 1 - Enabling The Integration

To enable SMS messages from Happy Birthday, you will firstly need to have an account on SMSBump

Once your account has been setup, you will begin by logging into your SMSBump account and copying the API Key. You will need to go to the dropdown menu in the top right hand corner of your account and click on Integrations.


Within Integrations, you will see the box with 'Default app', you can click on this and it will present the API Key:


The API key will be a random selection of letters and numbers. You need to copy this code then head to the Happy Birthday Email app

You will then go to the integrations tab, within the main menu of the app. Here you will see the SMSBump integration, where you can click on 'enable integration'. Once you click this then it will ask you to configure your SMSBump settings.


You can paste your SMSBump API key in the box provided and click save. Once you have done that you will see that the integration is enabled successfully. 


When your SMSBump integration is enabled, the Happy Birthday Email app will start sending SMS messages to birthday customers, if they have done the following:

1) Provided a valid mobile number
2) Confirmed they would prefer to receive a SMS instead of an email.

An SMS will not send for the following reasons:

1) The mobile number is not valid
2) There's not enough credit on your SMSBump account. You will receive an email from us to notify you.

If an SMS can't be sent, we will send an email as backup. 

Step 2 - Customising the SMS Message

Once you've completed the API key integration, you can go back to the settings tab within the Happy Birthday Email and scroll down to the section called 'SMS Content, powered by SMSBump'. Here you will define the message a customer receives on their birthday. 

There are a few pieces of information to consider when composing your message:

1) You can use the merge fields to pre-populate the customers first name. This gives the text a personal touch and really improves the engagement with the customer. To do this you can simply type: [first_name] into the message box. This will then pull the customers first name into the SMS message.

2) If you are including a discount code, we recommend you using the automatic discount codes. This will then allow us to populate the message with a discount page link. This link will send birthday customers straight to your discount landing page.

3) Allow customers the ability to opt out of birthday messages. To do this you will need to add something like 'Text STOP to opt out'. SMSBump opt out will automatically remove the customer from future communications if they reply to your SMSBump number with 'STOP' in the message. 


There is a limit of 160 characters in an SMS. If it exceeds this amount then it will be sent over two messages. 

Step 3 - Email Fallback

The final step is to make sure you have also completed the customisation of the birthday email. This means if for whatever reason a text is not sent, this email will be sent instead. 

To do this you can remain on the settings page and scroll up a section where you will see the message box. Here you can define the logo and message details. 

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