Introducing the Happy Birthday Email discount code page feature!

Introducing the Happy Birthday Email discount code page feature!

If you've enabled either our Klaviyo or MailChimp integrations and use them to send out your Birthday email campaigns, then we have a great new feature to announce! Our Discount Code Page feature now allows you to create unique discount codes for each Customer on their birthday!

What is the discount code page feature?

Merchants that had previously enabled either the MailChimp or Klaviyo integration to send out their Birthday email campaign were required to create a global (static) discount code to be included in the campaign email. Merchants were worried that a global discount code could be abused, thereby removing the sense of occasion that comes with receiving a Birthday email discount.

We listened to our Merchants concerns. Those that use an Email Sending Platform (ESP) wanted to continue to do so, but they also wanted the ability to generate a unique discount code for each Customer, thereby preventing the widespread distribution of a global Birthday discount code.

We began working out a solution that would not only address these concerns, but would also add more value for those Merchants using an ESP integration.

So how does this new feature work?

We initially explored the idea of generating the discount code in advance of the Customer's Birthday and then pushing that code through to the selected ESP software. This approach was not ideal however and created more problems than it solved, so we continued to search for a more streamlined solution.

We then hit upon the idea of delaying the creation of the discount code until the Customer was ready to use it. If we could generate the code at the point that the Customer was ready to Shop, or at least explore, we could provide a more streamlined shopping experience from Email through to conversion.

Enter, the discount code landing page...

In short, the discount code landing page will exist in the Merchant's Shopify store (a proxy page for those of you familiar with Shopify Apps) and when visited via a special link, will generate and display a unique Birthday discount code for that Customer to use.

Not only that, but built into the page is the ability to apply the discount directly to the checkout when the Customer selects the "Shop Now" button (button text is customisable). The Customer no longer needs to refer to an email, open a new tab or write down the code to remember it, the code will be applied automatically to their basket...awesome huh?

So where does this special link come from?  That’s easy. If you have an ESP integration enabled, the Happy Birthday Email App will generate a link for each customer whose birthday you have captured. We then send that link into your ESP as a custom/merge field against that Customer's record.

All you then need to do is include that link into your Birthday email campaign template as a link or button for the Customer to click on. 

So why use the discount code page feature?

  1. Unique discount codes per Customer are safer than global discount codes - protect your brand's value by ensuring that a Birthday discount code remains special and not subject to abuse.
  2. There's no need to enter a code at checkout - When the Customer clicks the 'Shop Now' button, the code is automatically applied to the checkout. Customers will see the applied discount code as soon as they reach checkout, thereby removing any friction from locating and applying the discount code.
  3. Maintain the discount code expiration date - Whether the Customer clicks on the discount link immediately or long after their Birthday, the discount code expiration will be based on how many days after the code was made available and not when they first visited the discount code page.
  4. Be more creative! - Having an entire page dedicated to birthday messages, allows you to be more creative in how you greet your customer! We have provided tools within the app for you to customise the HTML and CSS of the discount code page.

How to setup the discount code page using your chosen ESP

We've created a set of detailed instructions for each of our ESP integration partners which will guide you on how to enable the discount code page and place the unique Customer link into your Birthday Email Campaign.

If you would like any support getting this setup, please don't hesitate to get in touch