Introducing the Birthday Capture Form

Introducing the Birthday Capture Form

Our Birthday Capture Widget is no longer limited to the order status page... a dedicated Birthday capture landing page is now available for you to capture Birthdates and emails from ALL visitors to your site.

Another way to capture birthdays

We're pleased to announce that we have just launched into BETA a dedicated birthday capture landing page. In short, it delivers the Birthday Capture Widget into a page on your own site allowing you to capture the Birthdates of all visitors to your store, not just those that successfully place an order.

The feature had been requested by many of our Shopify Merchants who expressed their interest in reactivating old customers through birthday messages and incentives.

We recommend two ways of maximising the potential of this feature: 

  1. Send an email campaign to your previous customers with a link to the Birthday capture landing page. (Customers whose Birthdays are already in the system will not be added again)
  2. Advertise the Birthday capture landing page to your site visitors in a prominent position, i.e. via a delayed pop-up or as a fixed banner in the header or footer of your site.