Improve customer retention by focusing on the new customers ordering e

Improve customer retention by focusing on the new customers ordering experience

Whether it's from paid advertising, social content or organic SEO, it is hard work and expensive acquiring new customers. In many cases the cost per acquisition eats into a large chunk of the profit, especially if you consider how much time and resource has been allocated to gaining them. Therefore it's so important that when you do gain a new customer, you put just as much effort into retaining them as you did gaining them in the first place.

A great way to do this is by ensuring they have an unforgettable experiencing when ordering from your Shopify store. This means going beyond expectations to surprise and delight them at every touch point. One method could be including a personalised welcome or thank you within a customer order.

There are many ways you can thank customers for their order and showing a sincere appreciation for that customer is one of the best ways to build a strong and long lasting relationship with your customers.

Below we've put together some simple ideas you can try along with a guide on how to identify new customer orders and build in a new customer fulfilment flow for your Shopify store.

Apps you will need:
Order Tagger

How to identify and flag a new customer order in your Shopify store

First step will be to create a filtered view of your Shopify orders to highlight all those that have been placed by new customers.

To do this, you can go to Orders and click the 'more filters' option along the top. This will open a new sidebar and allow you to filter the order view.

Navigate to the 'Tagged with' option, and type in 'New Customer Order' then press 'Done'.

Once you have done that you can click the button 'Save filters' which will then save the search as a tab along the top of your orders page.

Use Order Tagger to tag all new customer orders

Now you have created a filtered view in Shopify orders, the next step is to create a rule within Order Tagger to tag all orders that have been placed by new customers.

From here it's very simple, you can define the tag you want Order Tagger to apply to the order. In this example we will use 'New Customer Order' as that's what we look for in our Shopify Orders filter view. There's also an option in this rule to append a note to the order too, this is useful for any fulfilment software that has more rules and automations based off reading the notes field rather than tags field.

After you press 'create tagging rule', Order Tagger will analyse every single order. If the order has been placed by a new customer it will automatically tag the order 'New Customer Order'. You will be able to see all these orders within your newly created Shopify filtered order view.

Managing your Shopify order fulfilment process for new customers

This step will entirely depend on how you fulfil orders and what software you use to pick & pack, print labels and dispatch your orders. However, being able to identify and segment new customer orders allows you to easily introduce a flow for these orders which is separate to the returning customer orders.

All new orders which are placed by customers who are ordering for the first time, will be automatically tagged and available to view within your Shopify orders view.

Four ways to thank your new customers

We've put together a few ways you can thank new customers and add a nice touch to their first order.

1 - Hand written thank you notes 

Nothing says thank you like an old fashioned, handwritten note. It's completely personal and the time and thought gone into writing it is very clear. These days they are even more special as a handwritten note seems to have been replaced with an automated email, text or social media message.

2 - Include a little something within the order

As you have already paid for the packaging and shipping, inserting something small is very cost effective and can go a long way in making the shopping experience memorable.

We all know how important the unboxing experience is, so including something which will surprise and delight your customers is a great way of making the experience that little bit more special.

Here's some ideas you could try:

  • small bag of sweets
  • Vinyls or stickers
  • Vouchers to other complimentary products/services (you could partner up with another store)

3 - Samples of free gifts

As mentioned above you have already paid for the packaging and postage, therefore including something extra isn't going to really dent the profit margin. Why not take the opportunity to introduce your new customers to samples of your other products? If you sell consumable products, then giving a customer a taster of what else you offer is a great way to entice them back to shop again. 

4 - Post-purchase Discount

As you can probably predict, offering a customers a discount on their second order is one of the best ways to turn a new customer into a loyal customer. This could be a discount code or gift card within the order.

Be thoughtful, personal and genuine

A thank you goes a long way and getting this process right could see great results in building a loyal following of customers who will keep returning to your store. To start delighting your customers and improve customer retention, why not Install Order Tagger and setup your new customer flow today.