How to setup the Discount Page on MailChimp

How to setup the Discount Page on MailChimp

Take a look at the video below where we walk you through setting up the Happy Birthday Email MailChimp integration.

How to use the Discount Page in MailChimp?

Once a customer has submitted their date of birth, the Happy Birthday Email App will send that data directly to MailChimp via the API. With this new addition, we include an additional piece of information called 'Birthday Discount Link.


To add this into your email, you need to identify the name of the merge field. To find the full list of Merge fields in your MailChimp list, you need to click on the list that you send birthday data to, then dropdown the settings menu which will include a link to Merge tags.


In this particular example it's *|MERGE10|*. See example email below:


You can see above, we have added a MailChimp button and set the "Web address (URL)" field to the name of the merge tag. We have also included the customer first name merge field to the button description.

You can now preview the email template to see how the Merge Fields are pulled into the correct places within the email:


The call to action button will now send each customer to their unique discount code page and allow them to shop online without having to manually enter the discount code at the checkout! 

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