How to setup the Discount Page on Klaviyo

How to setup the Discount Page on Klaviyo

Watch our tutorial on setting up the Klaviyo integration and using the Discount Page in your Birthday email campaign! 

How to use the Discount Page in Klaviyo?

Once a customer has submitted their date of birth, the Happy Birthday Email App will send that data directly to Klaviyo via the API. With this new feature, we include an additional piece of information called 'Birthday Discount Link.


In the screenshot above you can see Happy Birthday Email app has included a unique Birthday Discount Link. When the customer clicks on the link they will be taken to a landing page on your site with this specific customers unique discount code. 

The next step is to add this link to your birthday email flow in Klaviyo:

The first step is to add a call to action button to the email template. This will then allow you to define the button text and URL. 

The URL is going to be the custom property field 'Birthday Discount Link'. In the screenshot example, you can see what this looks like.


You can use this help document to find the list of custom property fields in your Klaviyo account. 

Alternatively, the fastest way to find the correct field name is to select the text area within the body copy of your email. This then opens the text editor on the left hand side of the screen. You will then see a dropdown of custom property fields:


If you select the Birthday Discount Link, it will place the field name within the body. You can simply copy this link, then remove it from the body of the email. 

Now you can go back to your button and paste the field name into the URL box of the call to action button.  

That's it! You're all set to start sending unique codes to your customers on their birthday.

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