How to setup an automated Student Discount programme on Shopify

How to setup an automated Student Discount programme on Shopify

How to setup an automated Student Discount programme on Shopify

Students typically are cash strapped due to relying on a student loan and paying high fees to attend college or University and not having much time to work part-time. However, this group of consumers are also very active shoppers and are constantly buying online.

With free overdrafts, maintenance loans and other banking promotions they often have access to a lot of disposable cash and are constantly looking to spend their money on the best student deals out there.

The draw of a student discount is the key to brand loyalty as TUN 2016 study found that 97% of students would try a local business solely because it had a student discount. In the same study 75% of those students said they would feel loyalty towards that brand after they graduate and enter the working world.

Setup a Student Discount programme on Shopify

Below we walk you through the steps of setting up a simple Student discount programme, allowing you to give codes to students only and create marketing lists and begin to build a student following.

Apps needed:

Create the customer group

Firstly, you need to create a group of customers called Students. To do this you need to go to Customers > Click on the filter and select the option 'Tagged with' and type 'Student' and click add filter

You will then need to save this search, which will create the customer group. Therefore the customer group will be all customers tagged 'Student'.

The next step is to begin highlighting all those customers who are students. The best way to do this and prevent the system being abused is to use students email addresses. In the UK a University email address will end '' for example, Bournemouth University is In the states, it's '.edu', so you can only provide student discount to those who create an account within your Shopify store, using that email.

Here you can use Customer Tagger app, to create a customer tagging rule that will automatically apply the tag 'student' to all customers who create an account with a qualifying email address or place an order with a qualifying email address.

The app allows you to backdate your rule to everyone who has created an account in the past with that email address or those who have purchased using a educational email address in the past.

Setting up the discount code

The next step is to create a discount code which is exclusive to the Student group. To do this go to Shopify > Discounts > Create new > here you can set all the value and details on the code.

We recommend you set the usage limits to 1 per customer (defined by email address).

The one required step in this setup is to apply this only to a specific group of customers. If you select that option and search that box for your newly created student group it will show up, allowing you to save.

You're all set!

Now you have a system setup to automatically add customer tags based on their student type, you can now think about how to distribute codes and automate the campaign.

Here, we won't dive into the detail too much but our recommendation would be you create a list within your email service provider for all customers tagged 'Student'. You can then setup a new automation to automatically email a customer when they are added to this list.

You also have this list for marketing purposes for future promotional discounts!