How to organise your Shopify orders based on the customers selected de

How to organise your Shopify orders based on the customers selected delivery date

Offering a delivery date option to your customers is a great way to encourage customers to convert. Giving them the flexibility of selecting the date of delivery allows them to time the arrival of their product to suit their schedule. However, this can create challenges for Shopify merchants when trying to view and fulfill orders to meet the delivery demands of their customers.

We've put together a guide on how to use Order Tagger and OrderlyPrint to create a organised fulfilment flow which ensures you're always on top of future deliveries and prioritising the orders based on their delivery dates.

Apps you will need:
Order Tagger

Identifying a delivery date in an order

Typically, a delivery date will come in the form of an Order Attribute, which can be found on the right hand side of the order screen under notes. 


In the example above the Order Attribute can be explained in the following way:

'Delivery Date' - this part of the order attribute is the Name
'09/12/2017' - this part of the order attribute is the Value

If you don't currently have a delivery date picker on your website, then try following this guide to add one to your cart page. You might need a developer or someone with a good understanding of coding to implement.

Create a rule in Order Tagger to automatically tag the order based on the delivery date selected

Once you have Order Tagger installed, you can navigate our list of existing rules to find the OrderlyPrint rule.

Upon clicking 'create rule' you will be presented with the option to confirm the name of your Delivery Date string which is attached to an order. In the example provided it's 'Delivery Date'

When a new order is placed and the NAME contains an order attribute property 'Delivery date', tag the order with the 'VALUE' of that Order Attribute e.g. '09/12/2017'.

This rule will automatically tag any orders which contain a delivery date, with the date the customer has selected.

Organise orders based on delivery date

 Now your orders are being automatically tagged with their delivery date, you can use OrderlyPrint to view all orders that contain a delivery date chronologically. This allows you to focus on the highest priority orders and ensure you send them out on the correct date.

Firstly you need to go into your settings menu within OrderlyPrint, then navigate to the tags tab. At the bottom of this page, you can enable tags by date and define which format your delivery date attributes are applied. In our example above it's DD/MM/YYYY, please make sure your format matches.

If it doesn't match then you will need to amend your cart code to ensure you follow one of the predefined formats. 

Once you have saved the tags setting, you can go to your main dashboard view, and filter the list by the delivery date tag, then sort in order of most recent date first.

This will then allow you to fulfil orders from the top down and keep an eye on orders which have been placed for future delivery dates.

You can learn more about OrderlyPrint here:

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