Happy Birthday now integrates with Privy

Happy Birthday now integrates with Privy

Privy provides a powerful suite of email capture and conversion popups and banners for Merchants to grow their email list, reduce abandonment and ultimately, grow sales. We're pleased to announce that Merchants using our Happy Birthday app can now grow their Birthday Club by simply adding a birthday field to their existing Privy popups.

What are the benefits of this integration?

We received numerous requests from our Merchants for us to provide a way to capture birthdates through their existing Privy popup. We decided it was an important integration for us to work on, so we're very excited to have this ready to use. This article will explain how to enable the Privy integration and how to include a birthdate field into your privy popup campaign.

The main benefits to this integration are:

  • Customers can sign-up to both your mailing list and Birthday Club in one process
  • Visitors, not just Customers, can sign up to your Birthday Club

Please Note!

If you are on a free Privy plan, please email the Privy support team (support@privy.com) and they will activate the Conversion Pixels setting within your Privy account.

Enabling the integration

Set-up Time: Less than 10 minutes for non-technical Merchants

It goes without saying that you'll need both the Happy Birthday app and Privy Shopify app installed into your Shopify store to take advantage of this integration.

This integration with Privy is very simple to enable and you'll be up and running in minutes.

Start by going to the Happy Birthday app in your Shopify store and once loaded click on the Integrations tab. There you will see the Privy integration section within the list of available integrations:


Clicking on the Enable Privy button will reveal the set-up instructions and a short snippet of code specific to your store:

For Happy Birthday to connect with Privy, you will need to add that snippet of code into your Privy settings. Here's how to do it:

  1. Copy the code that appears in the Happy Birthday Privy integration area

  2. Login to the Privy app

  3. Click on your account details in the top right of the Privy app

  4. Select Business Settings

  5. Click on Customizations from the left hand menu.

  6. Paste the code that you just copied from the Happy Birthday app into the Conversion Pixels box

  7. Hit Save


The integration is now enabled, however, there is one final thing you'll need to do. You now need to add the birthday field into your existing Privy popup form.

Adding the Birthdate field to a Privy popup campaign

  1. Create a new or select an existing Privy Campaign and go to the edit screen
  2. Select the Form tab.
  3. Hover over the Form Fields segment and then click on the Click to edit link/icon to the right of the input field/s

  4. Click on the Add Field button/dropdown and then select Birthday in the Customer Attributes section

  5. Select the format of Birthday that matches what you have set-up in the Happy Birthday Email app. (To check, go to Shopify Admin > Happy Birthday App > Birthday Sign-up Form and look for the Date format field). Feel free to change the Privy Field Label from Birthday to Date of Birth or to something of your choice.


    You can decide whether or not you wish to make the Birthday field required or optional by unchecking/checking the Required? checkbox.
  6. Hit the Save changes button

Pop-up Design and Wording

If you chose to add the Birthday field to an existing Privy campaign, then we'd recommend that you also check the design of your popup to make sure that the height and layout accommodates the new field. To do this, go to the Design tab, hover over the Popup Design segment and then click on the Click to edit link/icon:


You will then see the Popup Designer which you can use to alter the layout of your popup. We would also encourage you to change your wording to encourage visitors to sign-up to your Birthday Club rather than just your newsletter.

Make sure you save your changes!


If you are creating a Privy campaign for the first time, here is a handy guide from Privy (with video instructions) on how to set-up your first Privy campaign: https://help.privy.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012293354-Launching-Your-First-On-Site-Campaign-With-Video- Once you have created your first campaign, revisit this guide to go through how to add the Birthday field.

And that's it, you're all set!

What happens when the popup is submitted?

Our integration with Privy is quite straightforward. When the Privy Popup is displayed to a visitor and they submit their Birthdate along with their email address, two things will happen:


  1. The visitor's sign-up details (in our example, Email Address and Birthdate) will be added to Privy as a contact. If the contact already exists in Privy, but does not yet have a birthdate attribute, then the Birthdate field will be appended to that contact.
  2. The visitor's sign-up details will be added to the Happy Birthday App and the app will schedule the Birthday Email to be sent on the visitor's special day.

Give it a shot!

We’re excited to announce this new integration with Privy. If you're looking to build a Birthday Club alongside growing your newsletter mailing list, then we think you'll love this integration with Privy. If you've not heard of Privy before and want to know more, then please take a look at the Privy Shopify app to find out more.

Please do let us know if you have any questions about this integration or if you need any help with your set-up.