Happy Birthday now integrates with Omnisend

Happy Birthday now integrates with Omnisend

Shopify Merchants already using Omnisend or looking for a great alternative to MailChimp will be delighted to hear that the Happy Birthday app now integrates with this well established and tightly integrated email sending platform (ESP).

Why is this useful?

The Happy Birthday App allows Shopify Merchants to create an automated Birthday Campaign that both collects Customer birthdates and sends out Birthday emails containing auto-generated birthday discounts. We like to provide our Shopify Merchants with the opportunity to use the tools that suit them best, which is why we have decided to develop an integration with Omnisend.

We've had Omnisend (previously Soundest) on our radar for a while now, so we are very pleased to deliver this integration. We know that it will please a growing number of our Shopify Merchants.

If you're a Shopify Merchant looking for finer control of the layout and styling of your Birthday Emails, but still want the ability to capture Birthdays sign-ups using our Happy Birthday app, then our Omnisend integration might just be the right set-up for you.

At present we have a simple integration with Omnisend. When a customer signs up to your Birthday Club, their contact and birthday information will be sent to Omnisend. If that customer already exists in Omnisend, then only their Birthdate will be appended to their existing contact information. If they do not already exist in Omnisend, then a new contact will be created in Omnisend based on the details that they used to sign-up to your Birthday Club.

The Birthday email template, discount amount and sending schedule are then controlled from within Omnisend via one of their built in campaigns that you can tweak.

Enabling the Omnisend integration within the Happy Birthday app?

It goes without saying that you'll need both the Happy Birthday app and the Omnisend Shopify app installed into your Shopify store before you can make use of this integration.

You'll be pleased to hear that the Omnisend integration is very simple to enable.

Start by going to the Happy Birthday app and clicking on the Integrations tab. There you will see the Omnisend integration within the list of available integrations:


Clicking on "Enable Omnisend", will display an overlay containing instructions on what to do next.

Generate an Omnisend API Key


For Happy Birthday to connect with Omnisend, you will need to generate an API key to the two apps to use as an authentication. Here is how to generate the API key in Omnisend:

1. Log in to your Omnisend account

2. Navigate to My Account > Integrations & API > API Keys

3. Click on Create API Key

4. Enter 'Happy Birthday App' into the name box

5. Choose the option This API key will only allow to add new subscribers

6. Click Save


7. You will then be taken to a screen which displays your newly created API key. Copy the key (the long text underneath Happy Birthday App heading)

8. Go back to the Happy Birthday app and paste the key into the Enable Omnisend overlay window and then hit Save

The integration between Omnisend and the Happy Birthday App is now live.

Please Note!

When this integration is enabled, no emails will be sent from the Happy Birthday app. You will need to set up an automation within Omnisend to deliver the Birthday Campaign emails to your customers, which is very easy to set-up.

Discount creation is also handled by Omnisend and therefore the discount settings in the Happy Birthday app will be disabled if the Omnisend integration is enabled.

To Set-up your Birthday Campaign and discount code in Omnisend, you will need to follow these two set-up guides:

  1. Set-up an Omnisend Birthday email automation
  2. Set-up unique discounts within your Birthday email automation

Please also note that if you enable the Omnisend integration, the stats area in Happy Birthday email will only display the number of customer birthdays that have been captured and how they were captured. It won't contain any information about how many customer emails have been sent or how many of them have used a discount code etc.