Happy Birthday Email now integrated with Shopify POS!

Happy Birthday Email now integrated with Shopify POS!

Yes that's right! Our hugely popular Happy Birthday Email app is now able to capture Customer Birthdates in person via Shopify POS.

Bringing Happy Birthday Emails to Point of Sale

Whether you're using Shopify POS for your fixed location store or for selling goods at conferences, exhibitions and events, the hottest relationship marketing app in the Shopify Marketplace is now available to use in your Shopify POS application.

Our Happy Birthday Email app has been enabling Merchants to delight their Customers by automatically sending them a personalised message and discount code on their special day. It works by asking Customers for their birthdate on the Order Status Page of their Shopify web store... and it works... the app has collected almost 2.5 million Customer birthdays in 6 months already!

Merchants have been seeing average conversion rates of between 3% - 5% with the app, proving that embracing brand loyalty really does lead to greater Customer lifetime value.

"That's why we're so pleased to be introducing the Happy Birthday Email app to Shopify POS" says Sam Henning, Head of Projects at Union Works. "Merchants really love this app for a number of reasons and we receive a lot of requests each day for additional features and integrations. We felt that the next logical step was  to introduce the Happy Birthday Email functionality to the Shopify POS environment."

  1. The Happy Birthday Email app will now appear in the Shopify Pos App under Appspos-app.jpg#asset:441

How does it work?

Once the app is installed, it's very easy to configure. You have the option to customise the birthday greeting message and also select and tweak the type of discount code that will be sent out with the Birthday email. All you need to do then is select a checkbox to enable the app for use within Shopify POS and you're ready to go.

Capturing Customer Birthdays at the till using Shopify POS is also very straightforward.

Once you have completed a transaction using Shopify POS, you will see an overlay with an order summary and a link to "Apps". One of those links will be "Add Birthday". 


Select that option and the "Add Birthday" capture form will then appear as a pop-up on the screen containing an Email Field and Birthdate Fields (see screenshots below).

Email Field:
If you already create customers via POS, we recommend that you continue to that first and capture the usual customer information, e.g. name, email address, phone number, accepts marketing etc. The customers email address will then already be preselected in our Birthdate capture form when you trigger the "Add Birthday" capture form.

If you're not creating customers via POS, firstly, we'd highly recommend that you start (see Using customer profiles in Shopify POS), but that won't stop you from using the Happy Birthday Email app. Just ask the customer for their email address and enter it into the Email address field.

Birthdate Fields
The birthday date format can be specified within the Happy Birthday Email app settings. This means that if you don't want to ask your Customers for their birthyear, then you don't have to. Just set it once and the format you specify will be presented in the Shopify POS app.


You'll need to ask the customer for their birthdate, or, spin the ipad around (stand dependant) and ask them to fill in their d.o.b and ask them to hit the submit button.

Form with birthyear in (US format)IMG_0018.PNG#asset:405

Form without birthyear (UK format)hb-no-year.jpg#asset:443

Once birthdates have been captured, that's it! The app will take care of emailing your customers on (or before...you decide) their special day with a discount code to incentivize repeat purchases.

The app collects and displays a range of stats to help you analyse the performance of your Birthday Email campaign, helping you to tweak and improve the conversion rates.

Take our Happy Birthday Email app for a spin in POS

If you like the idea or relationship marketing and have been looking for a way to incentivise in-store customers to provide you with their email address, then this could very well be the answer. Why not take advantage of our 7 Day Free Trial and take it for a spin in your Shopify POS app, plans start from FREE to $20 per month. As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas on improvements.