Grapevine Setup Guide

Grapevine Setup Guide

Step 1 - Define your questions and tone of voice

When you install the app, head for the settings page and fill out the boxes provided. You can use this app to ask any question you want to your customers.

Step 2 - Define the answer options

This app allows you to define a drop down option list of answers to your questions. As a default we provide 4 answer boxes, so you can type in the boxes provided. If you would like to add more answers just click '+ add option'. Once this step is done, hit save.

Step 3 - Viewing the widget on the thank you page

This form will be present on the order confirmation page after someone makes a successful purchase. If you would like to view this form, you can visit an old order and view it's order status page. To do this, you need to go to Shopify orders > select an order > Click the drop down 'more actions' > View order status.