Grapevine FAQ's

Grapevine FAQ's

How can I use this information to help me?

By knowing the sources of conversion, you are able to shape your future marketing campaigns to get maximum impact. If you have a lot of conversions coming from social media, this will tell you it’s a highly effective sales channel and you should continue to push activity and maybe even increase it.

Equally, if you're running a marketing campaign or spending money on a particular channel you can cross reference the spend with the true return.

Finally, this data will identify the poor performing channels and allows you to take appropriate action. This could be either focus more efforts and resource to improve that channel or cut budgets and focus on the high performing channels.

Can I ask a different question?

You can use this form for any sort of market research gathering purposes. It can be as simple as asking merchants if they were happy with the experience on the store. Did they find everything they were looking for etc.

What if I want to ask more than one question?

Unfortunately our app can only currently deliver a single question onto the order status page. This may change in the future, but for now, only the single question.