Create Subscriptions using the API

Create Subscriptions using the API

autoMate can also create subscriptions using ReCharge Payments API. This is slightly more complicated as need a card token to create a charge and completion the subscription. 

Here's an example of how we're doing this for a merchant who is using Click Funnels to sell subscriptions as upgrades on the order status page of the checkout. 

This merchant sells membership subscriptions via Click Funnels, using 2Checkout payment gateway. The merchant will take payment through 2Checkout payment gateway and manually add the customer details to ReCharge to enroll them on the subscription. While this method is extremely simple for the customer, it was taking up a huge amount of time for the merchant, constantly creating new subscriptions.

2Checkout uses Stripe, meaning we were able to connect the ReCharge and Stripe API's and automatically grab the customers Stripe token and details, then added them directly to the subscription through the ReCharge API.

The interface within the app, allows the merchant to create more rules of the same for different trigger products, so when the trigger product is purchased, the customer is automatically added to the specified subscription.

For example if a customer purchases 'product A' automatically add them to a defined subscription.

This automation will only work with payment gateways which have an API and allow us to grab the access token for the customer, which enables us to auto enrol their debit card to the subscription.