Collect Customer Birthdays with ReCharge Payments

Collect Customer Birthdays with ReCharge Payments

Shopify Merchants selling subscription products via the Recharge Payments service can now delight their customers throughout the year with a Birthday discount.

Why is this useful?

The Happy Birthday App allows Merchants to create an automated Birthday Campaign that both collects Customer birthdates and sends out Birthday emails containing auto-generated discounts.

By far the most popular method of capturing Customer Birthdays is the Birthday Sign-up Form on the Order Status Page. The Order Status Page is seen by the majority of Customers immediately after they have placed an online order with a Shopify store.

Until now, Shopify Merchants selling subscriptions using ReCharge Payments have been unable to benefit from this high converting birthday capture method, as their Order Status Page is hosted externally to Shopify.

We decided it was about time that ReCharge Payments Merchants benefited from this too.

How do I enable this feature in Happy Birthday?

It goes without saying, you'll need both the Happy Birthday App and the ReCharge Payments App installed into your Shopify store to make use of this integration. 

There are only a few settings that you will need to customise, all of them control the text that will be shown on the Birthday Sign-up Form.  

To enable the integration go to the Happy Birthday App and click on the Integrations tab. You will see the ReCharge Payments integration option at the top of the page:


Clicking on "Enable ReCharge", will liven the integration on the Happy Birthday side. You will then be presented with on-screen instructions about what to do next:

Click on those two lines of code and they will be highlighted in blue. Copy those 2 lines of code, you will need those soon.

You will also see the default text that will appear on the Birthday Sign-up Form:


To change these settings, click on "Configure your ReCharge settings" and you will see the text fields that you are able to configure:


Enabling the integration in Recharge Payments

The final pat of the set-up is to enable the integration within ReCharge Payments App. 

Once you're logged in to the ReCharge payments App, click on the "spanner" icon on the right hand side of the top navigation bar and select the Checkout option:



Scroll down until you see the Thank you page section with a field for Additional & scripts and trackers. Paste in the 2 lines of code that you copied from the Happy Birthday App so that it looks something like this:

(PLEASE NOTE: If you already have code in the Additional & scripts and trackers field, then please paste the Happy Birthday integration code after the existing content)

Once you've pasted those two lines of code, sScroll down and then hit Save.

That's it, your integration is live and you're all set!

What will the Birthday Sign-up Form look like?

To help put this into context, this is how the Happy Birthday Sign-up Form currently appears on the Shopify Order Status can see that it is at the top of the left hand side, just after the Thank You message:



And here is how the Happy Birthday Sign-up Form will appear on the ReCharge Payments Order Status Page. It is in a very similar position, almost identical to the Shopify Order Status Page:


If you need the appearance of the Birthday Sign-up Form tweaking, then as always, the Happy Birthday Support Team are on-hand to help!

We’re excited to announce this new integration with ReCharge Payments. If you're already using both apps, then there's no excuse for not enabling this integration today! If you're looking for an App to sell Subscription products via your Shopify store, then we think you'll love what ReCharge have to offer, so why not take a look at the ReCharge Payments app to find out more.