Boomerang Setup Guide

Boomerang Setup Guide

Here's a simple guide to setting up automated emails on Shopify, using Boomerang app.

Step 1 - Email Timing

Once you understand the objective and reason you would like to send this trigger, you will be able to set up the logistics of the email.

  1. Would you like the email to be sent the order is marked fulfilled or paid
  2. How many days after the order is placed would you like the email to be sent, if you would like it instantly then select 0.
  3. Finally, would you like this trigger to only be sent if a specific product or products have been purchased

Step 2 - Email Content

Now you have setup the timing of your email, we can move onto crafting the content of the email.

  1. Define who the email is from along with the reply too address
  2. Complete the email content boxes to ensure the email has a header, body, button and links.
  3. Preview the email once completed
  4. Logo - please email our support and send in your logo and we will add it to the email template.
  5. Alternatively, if you have HTML file of the email you would like to send, we would be happy to upload it to the app for you.

Step 3 - Discount 

You also have the option to include a discount code to be redeemed on next purchase, in the email. This is an optional feature, follow these steps if you would like to use this:

  1. Discount type - Would you like to offer a percentage or fixed amount
  2. Discount value - either a % off or a fixed amount off depending on the above
  3. Define the prefix - this is the word used before the uniquely generated code
  4. Minimum spend - Select the minimum amount the customer must spend to activate this code
  5. Expiry - define how long the customer has to use their discount code
  6. Product/Collection restrictions - define which collections/products that discount code is can be used against