Boomerang FAQ's

Boomerang FAQ's

When does the email get sent?

The email will be sent based on the timings you set in the settings page. We always fire the email at 10am of the timezone of your store, if you decide to delay the sending for more than ZERO days.

How to set how many days after an order is sent?

If you go to your email settings section, you can specify how many days after the order is paid or fulfilled you would like to trigger the email. As soon as the order status is changed the count down is then on. For example if you fire the email 30 days after an order

How do I setup a discount code?

Within the settings page you can define the discount prefix along with it's conditions. You can even specify which products or collections that code can be redeemed against.

What happens if someone re-orders before they receive their retention email?

The timer will start again so if you have a trigger set for 7 days after an order and someone places an order on Monday the 7 days counts from there. However, if someone places a second two days later on the Wednesday then the trigger resets for another 7 days, so that customer wont receive an email until the following Wednesday.

What should I send to my customers?

This provides app provides you with the functionality to try out different goals.

  1. To drive revenue from old customers - maybe you want to focus on those customers who have gone "dormant" and haven’t placed an order in over 2 months. You can email those customer so try and bring them back to the store and offer them a discount.

  2. To thank customers - you might want to use this email trigger to thank customers with a personal message, helping you to build brand loyalty and winner over the trust of customers

  3. To follow up - You could use this trigger to follow up with customers and check they are happy with their purchase and if they need anything else.

  4. To Up-sell - you can also use this trigger to up-sell additional products and promotions to customers if you want to increase the average customer spend.

Don’t forget using a discount code is a great way to entice customers back to the store and spend with you.

What if I want to send different types of triggers?

We will be releasing a lot of new features for this app with a variety of ways to contact customers based on different actions. However, we are always interested in hearing how you want to contact your customers.

What happens if someone is refunded or the item is cancelled?

If an order is cancelled or refunded we will remove it from the email list.

What if i'm not happy with my email template?

Our email templates have been built to be best performing across all devices, as you will find most will be opened on mobile. However, we’re happy to help give you something a bit more custom if you want to send us your thoughts.

What if I want a custom rule or email flow?

Please feel free to get in touch with us and we will help you setup your custom requests on a bespoke plan