Birthday Email Delivery Offset

Birthday Email Delivery Offset

We recently introduced a new feature related to the sending of Birthday Emails that aims to stimulate pre-birthday purchasing and we thought it was worth a mention.

Pre-Birthday Purchasing

We've introduced an offset option, which gives Shopify Merchants the ability to send out Birthday emails ahead of the customer's birthday. This feature had been requested by a number of Merchants who felt that a discount code would make a great early birthday present. 

People are often asked what they'd like for their birthday by friends and family and a flurry of research then ensues.  If you're anything like me, then you usually end up buying a few things for yourself during that research. Putting a discount code in front of someone who already knows your brand can increase the likelihood of that campaign converting.

If they don't use the discount code, then follow-up on their Birthday with a little note sending them your best wishes for the day, reminding them of their unused discount code.