autoMate subscription deliveries using shipping windows

autoMate subscription deliveries using shipping windows


Many merchants use a set delivery schedule and fulfilment is a lot more manageable when all deliveries go out on the same day for each billing period.

With autoMate you can use the API to control the delivery date of the next queued order to suit specific business requirements or logic. 

Here's how a stationary company are using autoMate to schedule their quarterly deliveries for a fixed day for each quarter:

In this example the merchant has defined their up coming shipping windows (quarterly delivery periods) and assigned a delivery date to each window. This means autoMate knows what delivery date the next queued order needs to be updated to based on the quarter the customer subscribes in.

Custom Interface

We built the merchant a custom interface to be able to easily create and edit multiple shipping windows and the delivery date within each window.

This solution allowed the merchant to scale their subscription business and completely automate their fulfilment process by batching all deliveries on the same day and having complete control of inventory levels.