autoMate subscription deliveries based on pre-defined logic

autoMate subscription deliveries based on pre-defined logic

A magazine subscription company had multiple types of magazine a customer can subscribe to. Based on the nature of the product, knowing the numbers before going to print was critical. 

Based on the printing run, the company would send out magazines on the following schedule:

Magazine 1 - last Tuesday of the month
Magazine 2 - Penultimate Tuesday of the month
Magazine 3 - every two Thursdays

This meant that each month the delivery date is different depending on when that allocated day landed.

On top of this, the magazines needed to go to print a few days before shipment therefore cut off dates had to be introduced. 

autoMate was programmed to look at the magazine a new subscribers signs up to and then ensure their next queued delivery followed it's allocated logic.

Custom Interface

Within autoMate we simply provide the merchant with a list of dates that the logic falls on. This way if any dates clash with a holiday or need to be changed, they can be flagged to us and we can manually change them, ahead of the delivery.


This has given the merchant complete peace of mind that the printers know exact numbers and customers will receive the latest magazine for each delivery and on the correct date of each month.