autoMate Order Sequence Numbers

autoMate Order Sequence Numbers

Our app manages the order sequence numbers for ReCharge orders, allowing you to see what number the order is in a recurring subscription.

The app will attach an order note to the Shopify order to allow you to quickly identify how many orders that customer has had.

The OS number is constantly updated each time a new order is placed within a customer subscription. As well as seeing it on the Shopify order page, you will also see this on the CSV order export.

You can also manually edit the OS number of a particular customer, by going to ReCharge customers within the ReCharge app. You can open the Additional Settings & Info box, which is within the customer information area. Here you can change the OS number and our app will continue to increment it by one for subsequent orders.

To enable this functionality, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We will then help you to get setup with the automation.