autoMate custom order attributes

autoMate custom order attributes

autoMate can be used to apply specific or custom attributes against orders which can be read in third party systems. This might be additional information for a fulfilment centre or in this scenario information for a SAP system to satisfy accounting processes. 

The merchant needed to report an additional detail about each subscription order back to their SAP system. The issue was that those details were not standard fields in ReCharge or Shopify. 

autoMate was used attach an additional piece of data against the order:

1 - The original order date of the subscription - This was so that their SAP system knows when the customer originally subscribed to the product and how long they have been a subscriber for.

autoMate passes a date for each line item within the subscription order. If a customer adds to their order or changes a product then autoMate will report a new original order date for that specific product based on when they updated their subscription.