Auto-Apply Discount from the Birthday Email

Auto-Apply Discount from the Birthday Email

Both Merchants and Customers will love our latest auto-apply discount feature, making the process of applying a birthday discount to their cart a seamless one.

How does it work?

Our new auto-apply discount feature allows Birthday discount codes to be applied to a session on your store directly from the Birthday email. Clicking the button in the Birthday email will take a Customer straight to a page on your site that will apply the discount behind the scenes. The page will notify the Customer that their code has either been applied, or that it has already been used or that it has expired.

Here's an overview of how the auto-apply discount feature works once enabled:

1. The Customer receives their Birthday Email and clicks the button to apply the discount. (Notice that the discount code is also still displayed in the Birthday Email):


2. The Customer will be directed to a page on your Shopify store, which we are calling the Discount Applied Landing Page.  This page will apply the discount to that shopping session behind the scenes. The page will inform the Customer that their discount code has been applied to their session. Here's an example of a Merchant's Discount Applied Landing Page:


3. Once the Customer has added some items to their cart/basket and is ready to Checkout, they will see that the discount has already applied and has been deducted from the total:


4. If your discount code relies on a minimum spend amount to be met before the discount is valid, then Customers will see the following in the discount area of the Checkout:


All they need to do is meet the minimum spend amount and the discount will be applied.

That's it! Nice and simple.

Why we like this feature

We've had a similar feature in place for Merchants using our MailChimp and Klaviyo integrations for a while now and the feedback we received was positive. Merchants also received less support enquiries from Customers related to copying and pasting the discount code from the email to the Checkout. We're really pleased to be able to open this feature up to all of our Happy Birthday Merchants. Less support and a smoother Customer journey make a winning combination!

Please Note!

This feature is only available if you are using our Happy Birthday App to send out the Birthday Emails. If you have enabled an integration to send out your Birthday Campaign Emails, then a similar feature is already built in to the discount landing page.

How do I enable this feature?

Set-up Time: Less than 5 minutes - no technical knowledge required

Merchants who have installed the Happy Birthday Email app within the last week (15/07/2019 onwards) will automatically be defaulted to using the auto-apply discount feature.

If you've had the Happy Birthday app installed for longer than a week, then you will need to enable the feature within the app.  There are two stages to enabing this feature:

  1. Enabling the feature and customising the Birthday Email
  2. Customising the Discount Applied Landing Page

1. Enabling the feature and Customising the Birthday Email

1. Go to the Happy Birthday App and select Settings  from the top navigation bar

2. Scroll down and select Manage on the the Birthday Email Campaign option:

3. Scroll down to the Discount Code Options section

4.  Select the Auto Apply option:

5. There are 2 fields here that can be customised to affect the display in the Birthday Email. 

  • Text to appear above the discount code
    The birthday discount code will still be shown in the birthday email. Edit the default text to your liking.
  • Button Text
    This is the text that will be shown in the button that is used to apply the discount from the birthday email.

6. Hit the Save Settings and Configure Discount Applied Landing Page button

2. Customising the Discount Applied Landing Page

When you arrive at the settings page to customise your Discount Applied Landing Page, you will see a link to preview a demo of that page. Take a look at the demo page. 

1. All of the fields on this page are straightforward and you can use the demo link to preview your changes:

2. There are additional CSS and HTML boxes available to apply styles to the Discount Applied Landing Page

3. Hit Save and you're done. 

Your Customers will now be able to auto-apply their Birthday Discounts from their Birthday email


1. What if the customer doesn't proceed with their checkout after auto-applying the discount?

Auto-applying the discount to the checkout from the email does not count as having used the discount code until the checkout is complete. Therefore, if a Customer Auto-applies the discount from the email, but does not follow through with the transaction, that discount code will still be valid to use on another occasion until its expiry date.

2. Will the discount code still be shown in the Birthday Email?


3. What if we have set-up a minimum spend on our Birthday discount code?

Don't worry, if your discount code relies on a minimum spend amount to be met before the discount is valid, the discount will still have been applied. Customers will just need to add items to their cart/basket until the minimum spend amount is met and then the discount will become valid in the Checkout.

4. I'm not familiar with CSS or HTML and I need help customising my Discount Applied Landing Page, can you help?

Yes! Just get in touch, let us know as much as you can about how you want the page to look and we will do our best to style that page to your liking. 

Give it a shot!

If you're looking to improve the Customer journey from the Birthday Email to the Checkout, then you'll love this great new feature. It will eliminate those annoying copy and paste errors and Customers will receive instant notification that their discount code has been applied. Altogether, a more complete customer experience. 

Please do let us know if you have any questions about this feature or if you need any help with your set-up, like customising your Discount Applied Landing Page