Adding Birthdays to Customer Records

Adding Birthdays to Customer Records

You can now add a customer's date of birth to their Shopify customer information as either a tag or a note. See the example below of a Shopify customer record with the date of birth added in both places.

The benefit of having this data stored against a customer record

Having the customers DOB stored against a customer note/tag allows you to get a quick view of the age of that customer. You can call upon these fields in marketing apps such as Klaviyo and group customers by the month they were born. This allows you to trigger emails to customers born in that month with a specific birthday promotion, ahead of their birthday email. 

You can also use this information to restrict access to areas of the site depending on age. 

How can I enable this feature?

Step 1

You will need to go to the app and approve the new update. It will look like this: 


Step 2

Once you have updated the app, you will see the new option in the settings page. We have provided you with the option to add it as a customer note and/or a customer tag. 


The format of the tag will be 'DOB:' along with the format of the DOB fields you've set in the app. e.g. if you have set to capture just the date and month, like this: DD/MM the customer note/tag will read 'DOB: DD/MM'


Step 3

After pressing save, wait for the next customer to leave their DOB with this new setting enabled. Visit their customer record in Shopify and you will see the DOB applied.

Back dating this to existing records

If you would like to apply these tags to all customers who have already left their DOB with you, contact us and we will set-up a job to backdate your customer tags or notes.