Dynamic Yield on Shopify

Connecting Dynamic Yield to Shopify Plus Merchants

Dynamic Yield are proud to launch their personalisation software service on the Shopify Platform, with an integration developed by Union Works.

Dynamic Yield on Shopify

What is Dynamic Yield?

Dynamic Yield’s personalisation technology stack helps marketers increase revenue by automatically personalising each customer interaction across the web, mobile web, mobile apps and email.

How does it work?

Dynamic Yield’s advanced customer segmentation engine uses machine learning to build actionable customer segments in real time, enabling marketers to take instant action via personalization, recommendations, automatic optimization & real-time messaging – in a single platform.

Dynamic Yield personalises the experiences of more than 600 million users globally and counts industry leaders like IKEA, Urban Outfitters, Ocado, and Stitch Fix among its many customers. Based in New York, the company has more than 140 employees in six offices worldwide.

How can Dynamic Yield help Shopify Plus merchants?

Specifically targeted at Shopify Plus Merchants, the Dynamic Yield Shopify App tracks every action taken on the Shopify Plus site. It then feed's that information straight into Dynamic Yield’s unified personalisation engine, enabling the seamless execution of personalisation efforts at scale. All visitor activity, page visits, and product interactions are tracked by Dynamic Yield and are leveraged to optimise and personalise experiences for the Shopify Plus site visitors and customers, across any channel.

Dynamic Yield’s Shopify App provides a hassle-free deployment of Dynamic Yield’s personalisation solution on Shopify Plus sites. Dynamic Yield customers with a Shopify Plus site may implement the entire Dynamic Yield solution within a matter of minutes, hassle free.

The Dynamic Yield Shopify App:

  • Significantly cuts down integration effort
  • Substantially increases the quality of the integration
  • Immediately enables Dynamic Yield’s advanced features and use-cases

What does the app do?

The Dynamic Yield Shopify App  automatically implements the entire Dynamic Yield personalisation solution on Shopify Plus sites, which includes:

  1. Dynamic Yield tracking script
  2. Context API - Informs Dynamic Yield of the types of pages visited by each visitor
  3. eCommerce events - Notifies Dynamic Yield of important transactional activity performed by each visitor
  4. Product catalog integration - The Shopify Product Feed will be synchronized to Dynamic Yield once every 12 hours

How to install the app?

  1. Go to https://sca.dynamic-yield.com/
  2. Enter your Shopify Domain and click Install.
  3. In the window that opens, click Install unlisted app. Ignore the message that the app is not in the store. Installing the app will not affect your Shopify Store or harm your app in any way.
  4. In the window that opens, click Connect App.  You will be taken to the DY Shopify App settings page


5. In the Account Settings window that opens, enter the Dynamic Yield Site ID, Access Key, and Secret Acess Key. These items should have been provided by your Customer Success Manager.

6. You can specify additional data to be sent in the Product Feed:

    a. Compare at price: The original price of products that are on sale.

    b. Product vendor: The brand associated with the product.  

7. Select any additional fields to include in the product feed keyword field.


8. Click Save. The first time this is done it will trigger a product feed upload of your products to the Dynamic Yield Server and may take some time. Re-saving your Product Feed Settings will not automatically begin another sync. Any changes you make to your settings will, however, be included in the next scheduled Product Feed Sync.

What did Dynamic Yield Say About Working with Union Works?

"The Union Works team is incredibly knowledgeable and it was a pleasure working with them. Union Works quickly understood all of our needs, suggested intelligent improvements that were out of scope, and together we were able to frame the work in an effective and efficient way.

Union Works intuitively understood Dynamic Yield’s architecture, enabling them to seamlessly and effectively customize a tailored solution for a Dynamic Yield and Shopify integration; Union Works were thus able to provide a solution that met all of our requirements, namely - to implement Dynamic Yield in a fast, frictionless way on Shopify stores.

Union Works are super responsive, positive and spot on. It was a pleasure to work with them."

Guy Zunder - Product Manager