Segment Shopify POS orders based on staff ID

Using Order Tagger and Shopify POS, you can track and group orders by the staff member who processed the sale. Here's a simple set-up guide to getting started

Apps you will need:
Order Tagger
Shopify POS

Setting Shopify POS Staff members with unique pin codes

The first step will be to make sure each staff member has a unique login to the Shopify POS account. In order to create staff accounts on Shopify POS, you must be using Shopify POS on the Shopify plan or higher.

Here are the simple steps to setting up a new staff member:

  1. From your Shopify POS portal, tap Store > Staff
  2. In the Access only to POS app section, tap Add Staff
  3. Enter the Staff members details to setup the account
  4. Create a 4 digit pin for that staff member or us the auto generate for something random
  5. Tap Add pin.

For full details on how to setup and manage staff members on Shopify POS visit here.

Identifying Staff Members Unique User ID's

Now you have created your staff members, the next step is to locate each user ID. This is the ID that identifies where the order has come from and which staff member has processed the sale.

This step might be a lot easier with a browser extension such as JSON View for Google Chrome, as it requires searching through JSON to find each unique ID. A JSON viewer will organise the data into separate lines, making it easier to find the ID's.

The fastest way to get to a list of all User ID's is by typing the following into your browser: 

www.[your Shopify Store URL]/admin/users.json

You will then be able to see a full list of users, their saved details and type of account: 

Tag Orders by Staff ID

Once you've located and written down all the user ID's for the store, you can create a rule in Order Tagger which will automatically apply a tag to the order with the name of the staff member who processed the sale. 

The first step is to go the Order Tagger app within your Shopify Store and click Create a new rule. Within the list of rules, scroll to the very bottom category Other. At the bottom of this list, you will find the rule:

Tag orders by Staff Member's User ID

When you click through to create this rule, you will see two text boxes. The first box is to define what you would like the order to be tagged with and the second box is what user ID would trigger this rule. 

For example, we will create a rule which tags orders Staff Member 1 when an order is placed with that ID attached:

As you can see from the above example, Order Tagger is going to apply a tag 'Staff Member 1' to the order if the User ID matches 104200457. 

Once you have filled in those boxes, you can either the save rule, or continue to create a new tag condition for each staff member, for example:

Once you have clicked save, Order Tagger will automatically apply tags to the orders which match the criteria defined above.

Filtering Orders by Staff Member

The final step is to create filtered order views in Shopify so you can quickly view orders made by specific staff members. 

To do this you need to go to Orders and create a new filtered search. When viewing Orders page within the Shopify admin, click on the 'More Filters' option which will open up a new menu:

You then open the Tagged With option and type in the name of the tag, in this case it's Staff Member 1. This means the filter is looking for all orders that include the tag 'Staff Member 1'. When you click Done, this will show all the currently tagged orders that match the filter. If you have just created this rule, it's unlikely that any orders will have been tagged yet, unless you decide to run a backdate.  

The final step is to save this search, which will create a new tab along the top of the order view in Shopify. After you click done there will be a button which says Save Filter:

You can give the saved search a name and that's what will appear as a tab at the top of the orders view. 

You can repeat this for all your staff members which will allow you to quickly access all the orders that are linked with the specific staff member:

That's it! You're all set to track orders made by specific staff members using Shopify POS.