Happy Birthday New Feature: Email customisation options

We have introduced more options to further customise your birthday email. This includes uploading your own image, changing the background colours and defining the terms and conditions of your campaign.

Happy Birthday New Feature: Email customisation options

Background colours

You can now define the background colours of the email. If you go to the settings page of the app you will be able to select the colour straight from the swatch and view the changes in the preview mode. 

Upload your own header image

You can now upload your own logo or header image to the email template. We recommend keeping the file size below 50kb to ensure the image loads quickly in the inbox. We also recommend keeping the width to a max of 600 pixels. This feature is also  available within the settings page of the app.

Define your own terms and conditions

We have included the option to define the small print at the bottom of the email template. This is to ensure you get across all your terms and conditions for the birthday email campaign. 

Need a template more specific to your brand?

Don't forget, if you need us to upload a completely custom HTML email template, please do get in touch and we can help you get this implemented.

Try out the Happy Birthday Email app

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