Adding Revenue Insight to Grapevine

The popular and FREE Grapevine app has been helping Shopify Merchants to understand where their Customers' have come from.  Whether it was word of mouth, a trade show, a blog, a magazine article (yes, printed media still works) or even a Google search, Grapevine is helping Merchants to understand what led to those conversions.

Focusing your Marketing Spend

This insight has proven invaluable for Merchants that are looking to streamline their marketing efforts and focus their spending on activities that will produce a return. 

Whilst Grapevine is a great tool for capturing the "How did you hear about us?" responses, the team here at Union Works were aware that the response data was one-dimensional. We decided, therefore, that it was time to add in an additional metric to provide our Merchants with a fuller picture.

Introducing Revenue by Sales Channel

We are pleased to introduce a new "Revenue" dimension that will help to facilitate the decision-making process when it comes to Marketing spend. The new "Revenue" dimension will display the combined order value for each of the response types that Merchants have configured within the Grapevine app.

Merchants can also choose to display the Revenue breakdown either including Shipping and Taxes (Gross) or excluding Shipping and Taxes (Net):


The revenue data will help Merchants to understand the value of each response type (Sales Channel) and will highlight whether there is a direct correlation between the number of submissions received for a particular response type and the total amount revenue attributed to that response type.

 If the two metrics don't match (Submission by type breakdown figures are different to Revenue by type breakdown figures), then perhaps focusing Marketing spend on the response type that produces the highest average order value might be a wiser allocation of a Merchant's budget.


The data will still need to be interpreted and reasoned against the knowledge of a marketplace, but we feel that the additional data can only enrich the analysis process.

The data, of course, is always defined by those Customers' that have taken the time to answer the simple question on the Order Status Page. This does mean that the data within Grapevine won't be an exact match with the stores overall revenue data.

New Access Scope Required

To deliver this new insight data, we had to request a new access scope to the Grapevine app. This means that the next time Merchants log into Grapevine, they will be presented with a dialogue box asking them to accept the new scope. The scope will allow us to calculate the revenue breakdown of Grapevine submissions by reading the order data in your store.

Request Revenue Data to be Backdated


If you would like us to backdate the responses that you've received to date to show the revenue breakdown of those responses, then please use the help facility within the Grapevine app to get in touch. We will then undertake the backdating as soon as we can and will let you know as soon as the data is ready for analysis.

App Reviews Really Help!

Look out for more great features coming to the Grapevine app soon and don't forget, we love feedback and we love app reviews even more.

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