Product Ratings - Another feature added to Google Customer Reviews

With the announcement that Google Customer Reviews has added support for Product Ratings, we look at why our easy Google Customer Reviews App is a smart choice for those Shopify Merchants looking to add the service to their stores.

Surely we don't need an app for Google Customer Reviews?

Before we go any further, we'd like to be very clear... "you do not need an app to add the Google Customer Reviews Service to your Shopify store". There are plenty of very helpful resources produced by Shopify Partners/Experts/Agencies that cover how to add liquid code to your store's checkout scripts to present the Google survey opt-in pop-up to Customers on the order status page.

We however, decided to build a simple app to take care of adding this code to Shopify Merchant stores and here's why...

Platforms and services are dynamic and therefore unpredictable

As app developers specialising in building tools for the Shopify platform, we're keenly aware that we have no control over the direction, nature or roadmap of that platform. So when it does change, we need to react quickly and adapt to ensure that our apps and services continue to run smoothly in our Merchants' stores.

Similarly, Google is another platform that we have no control over, however it is one that many Shopify Merchants utilise in order to grow their business, therefore any changes to the platform should be embraced quickly by Merchants in order to maximise the potential benefit.

Articles that provide a solution to a common Merchant pain point or opportunity can help many thousands of readers to get up and running with a particular service, however, when that platform or service changes, static code snippets are usually incapable of harnessing the new features.

In contrast, a Shopify App that delivers a service into a Shopify store can be updated very quickly to introduce support for new features to all merchants, often requiring little more than a change to the app settings. 

When Google announced that Google Product Ratings data could be sent within the same code used by Google Customer Reviews, we were able to add this feature to the app within 24 hours, allowing our Merchants to enable the service almost immediately.

Introducing Google Product Ratings

So what are Google Product Ratings?
Product Ratings show star ratings on Shopping ads and, in some instances, on product listings on Google. These ratings help shoppers with their purchase decisions, driving more qualified shoppers to your product pages. If you’d like Product Ratings to appear on your Shopping ads, then you'll need to have at least 50 product reviews to qualify.

How do I signing up for Google Product Ratings?
To apply for the service, you'll first need to complete and submit the following form -

What do I need to do in my Shopify store?
If you're looking to utilise Google Product Ratings, then we're reasonably presuming that you're already uploading a product feed to Google Shopping.  Google therefore recommend adding GTIN codes to each of your products using the Product Variant Barcode Field in Shopify. 

You will then just need to enable the Product Ratings service within the easy Google Customer Reviews App settings and you're ready to go. 

For customers who choose to opt-in to receive a survey, the Product GTIN data from their order will be sent to Google via the Google Customer Reviews code. This will in turn trigger product rating survey emails to be sent to the customer once the anticipated order delivery date has passed.

Future additions to Google Customer Reviews

Currently the Service favours larger Merchants, those that are able to collect a minimum of 150 reviews per calendar year required by Google to establish and maintain a Google Seller Rating. We anticipate that as advertisers demand more features, the program will become less stringent, making it more appealing to smaller Merchants.

With our easy Google Customer Reviews app, we're in a good position to quickly introduce new features into participating Shopify stores as soon as they become available.